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The patient must be between the age of eighteen and thirty years old. Twenty-five patients will receive the actual therapeutic touch treatment within five minutes of their request for pain medication. The need for more in depth research and application in the field of therapeutic touch as a nursing intervention is essential.

If you go to various other countries, people spend a lot of time in direct physical contact with one another—much more than we do.

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The intervention was conducted in the privacy of the participant's room. The dependent variables were pain and fatigue, measured by the patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The Effect of Therapeutic Touch on Pain and Fatigue of Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

About this resource This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. A nurse with experience in therapeutic touch could help rectify this disruption and " A pilot study"they wanted to identify the variations and "address conceptual inconsistencies Pain control may indirectly improve some symptoms and other measures such as nausea and vomiting, well-being, mood and appetite.

Their study supported the use of therapeutic touch in tension headache pain.

The pain rating scale to be used will consist of numbers zero to ten with ten being the most excruciating pain ever felt by the subject and zero being no pain at all. The nurse will respond within five minutes with the therapeutic touch treatment that will last five minutes.

Placebo Intervention The placebo intervention consisted of mimic TT. Table 1 presents the demographic characteristics and some confounding variables for each group.

The subjects will have the right to decide to join the study voluntarily. After obtaining consent, all the participants were enrolled into the study. Taking time to pin down moving thoughts took concentration and energy.

At the time when the patients referred to the center, they were taken a number, respectively and, then, allocated in their groups according to the numbers in the pockets. Ethologists who live in different parts world quickly recognize this.

Here, he elaborates on cutting-edge research into the ways everyday forms of touch can bring us emotional balance and better health. The practitioners then were to indicate if they could sense her biofieldand where her hand was. The participants were guided or gently led to their room prior to the beginning of the intervention.

Krieger states that, "in the final analysis, it is the healee client who heals himself. The importance of therapeutic touch to nursing is tremendous. Some research by Tiffany Field suggests that children with autism, widely believed to hate being touched, actually love being massaged by a parent or therapist.

The intervention consisted of centering, assessment, TT administration directing human energies, modulating human energies, changing patterns in human energy fieldreassessment of the patient's energy field and additional treatments as needed. In my capacity as a nursing student on a medical- surgical unit, I have noticed an increase in pain medication requests among patients with incision site pain and a minimal use of alternative therapies for this pain management.

The clinical utility of the scale is very easy to use. The weaknesses of this study were: After obtaining consent, all the participants were enrolled into the study. The patient must have a surgical incision of at least two inches in length.

The subjects were evenly distributed in the three groups according to the type and stage of cancer, narcotic analgesic use, numbers of chemotherapy period and interval between the two chemotherapy periods.

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They wanted to determine if there was a correlation between who received the therapeutic touch and who applied the therapeutic touch.

The Effect of Therapeutic Touch on Pain and Fatigue of Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Their study supported the use of therapeutic touch on practitioners and others who are bereaved and how therapeutic touch can increase white blood cell response.

Essay The Power of Healing It is a method of healing using energy. Therapeutic Touch (TT) is the practice of facilitating healing using Universal healing energy.

calm the feared and Show More. More about Essay about The Healing Power of Reiki. The Placebo Response and the Power of Unconscious Healing Essay Words | 6.

The Importance and Power of Physical Touch Christopher Uhl Of all the human senses, touch is the social senseÑthe sense that most powerfully invites Therapeutic Touch experts, Quantum Touch practioners, along with other body-based professionals.

With exploration and courage, all of usÑyoung and old, teachers and parentsÑcan. Therapeutic touch (commonly shortened to "TT"), The study concluded that "the theory TT possesses is deprived of explanatory power" and "evidence that supports the current picture of physical energy should be regarded.

Custom Effects of Therapeutic Touch essay paper Statement of Purpose With the number of cancer patients being multiplied all over the world, there is an increasing need for research on the complementary methods of therapy that can effectively be used to reduce the resulting pain from cancer.

The power of therapeutic touch essay
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