How does armitage make the poem

Gormless - Stupid or thick. So called because it has a lot of windows. We soon learn, however, that Plath intends to identify with the Lazarus decaying in the tomb rather than the Lazarus who had been brought back to life.

New Simon Armitage poem fights pollution – literally

Stanza Plath describes her face as a fine Jew linen. Until he worked as a probation officer in Greater Manchester. Oooh My Life 13kb - Lard's new Breakfast Show catchphrase whenever he says something about his life or sometimes for no reason whatsoever.

The compilers are remarkably modest as not a single poem of their own is included: She may plan to stop attempting suicide and take her revenge on men instead of herself. Roads go ever ever on Under cloud and under star, Yet feet that wandering have gone Turn at last to home afar.

Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath

Honey- Someone who is attractive. There does not seem a separation between poet and reader. Poetry from the heart.

For silver-swallow swords, eat fire. Vimtoing - Inviting the contents of your stomach to see daylight again In fact, the second stanza is almost romantic: Plath continues to imply that the people in her life, particularly men, value her only as an object.

The tension is an intriguing and disorientating start to the poem. A mantric quality of language. Poem Analysis Armitage creates a tension in the opening lines.

The Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord Byron

This is why she continues to use imagery of death and decomposition to describe herself. This same view of people is conveyed when she compares herself, yet again, to Lazarus. Toby Milk Jug - One of Lard's new nicknames. Finally it is worth noting that Simmons produced three other anthologies.

Whitehouse excludes poetry and is limited to Ian Allan publications or publications for which Ian Allan held the rights. She uses vivid imagery to compare her own suffering to that of the Jewish people.

Strictly, the term is intended for poetry or work of literary merit. His writing is characterised by a dry Yorkshire wit combined with "an accessible, realist style and critical seriousness.

Yet these flickers of a less pleasant side to his personality are also mentioned, suggesting that nobody is outright good or, by extension, outright bad.

How does Armitage make the writing so disturbing in gooseberry season?

Or rather, she feels nothing just as the dead feel nothing. As well as being an attentive father, he seems to have appreciated his wife, praising every meal she cooked for the family.

These are the vision. Whether it is a rhyming sonnet of Shakespeare or a simple statement of W. The fourth, eighth, and twelfth lines provide an insight into the darker and less pleasant side of the man, while the rest of the poem — or those first twelve lines, anyway — describe the good things he did.

Or she plans to come back as an immortal after she has died to take her revenge on men. Plath then transitions from speaking of herself as an already dead woman, to revealing that she is actually alive.

I, Too by Langston Hughes

This is how Plath views her value to other people. Even Simmons' Introduction reproduced in full is both interesting and yet wholly unsuited to forming part of a webpage which invites the question what is the place of an anthology in the world of electronic text.

Plath then takes the focus off of herself and her own misery and begins to criticize the people around her. Plath then begins to give the reader some history on her experiences with death, explaining that the first time was an accident, and she was only ten years old.

I do it exceptionally well. Two of Simon Armitage’s poems, ‘Poem’ and ‘About His Person’ are written about someone who has, for unspecified reasons, passed away or gone. Armitage's version of the Odyssey is a series of scenes written as free verse dialogs.

It was written for a series of BBC radio presentations. “How does Armitage make the poem ‘About his Person’ particularly moving to you”. The poem ‘About his Person’ is a poem about a man who commits suicide. We are not given exactly how or why straightforwardly but we are given the.

In Exposure, Wilfred Owen looks at the horrors of warfare.

Ode to a Nightingale

The poem’s content, ideas, language and structure are explored. Comparisons and alternative interpretations are also considered. Feb 07,  · February 7, March 4, Poetry Shark Poem Analysis analysis, GCSE, homelessness, literature, poem, poetry, poetry analysis, power, second person, simon armitage Armitage highlights the selfishness and absurdity of our attitudes towards the homeless – by having a homeless person speak them.

A number of unifying ideas or themes run through the poem. Different readers may attach more or less significance to each of these themes, depending upon how they view the poem. At the start of.

How does armitage make the poem
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