Essay on the future of india

Cost of democratic republicanism[ edit ] Democratic republicanism has its value, more so in a multi-ethnic country like India.

Essay on Future of India

The University Grants Commission has aptly recommended to the Universities in India that scientific studies in the Indian colleges by conducted through English medium. In the matter of marriage, sex and love, there will be increased liberal outlook and the gap between the two sexes will be further bridged.

Many of the present towns will change into big cities and centres of trade and business. It is an uphill task. The politicians will stop fighting one another and instead will start working together.

Even the protagonists of Hindi, our national language, are deadly opposed to it. Many diseases, previously regarded as fatal, have now been controlled and eradicated, but diseases like cancer and AIDS have raised their ugly and deadly heads.

Yet, a formula should be evolved such that English is taught in schools and colleges but not at the cost of Indian languages.

Only recently the Central Government allowed the use of regional languages as medium of examination in all competitive examinations for class I and II posts. English language has bright future in Modern India.

We should not have any narrow prejudice in the context of learning foreign languages. English is our life-line of contact with the outside world.

This has led to 3 wars with Pakistan and a war with China.

India as an emerging superpower

We cannot read every book through translations in Hindi or in any other regional language. Can we project and predict the future of India as a nation with some certainty and precision. In fact, English is an important international language.

The public will be more enlightened and aware about their political and social rights and duties and will exercise far more diligence in the exercise of their votes. Thanks to its history of both indigenous and foreign influences - like the ancient Indian religions BuddhismHinduismJainism and Sikhism and the ancient Middle East Asian schools of thought Abrahamic - IslamChristianityJudaism etc.

In an effort to reduce political tension and increase economic cooperation, in recent years, India has improved its relations with its neighbors. The Future of India is bright in the matter and manner of economic planning.

In the present age of Globalization, English language has become an important medium of communication between India and the world. So English should altogether be abolished from this land. Moreover, it is predicted that in the long run, India being a democracy will provide it an edge over non-democratic[ citation needed ] competitors like China.

English language, as it stands today is not the language of a particular people or particular country; it has assumed a world-wide significance. A few decades hence, India will emerge as a more powerful, strong, united and leading nation and, as such, will play a far more deciding and vital role in international affairs, especially in those of the U.

We will manage to attain a very high percentage of literacy.

India as an emerging superpower

India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.

The future of India in my mind is intertwined with the future of diversity and self-reflection, two values that have been central to the Indian worldview, cutting. India of My Dreams Essay 2 ( words) India is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious society that has seen a steady progress in various spheres over the last century.

I dream of India that progresses at an even greater pace and joins the list of the developed countries in no time. India is trying to develop more highly skilled, English speaking people to fit in the future knowledge economy.

[74] [75] India is becoming one of the world's leading producers of computer software and with mushrooming R&D centres it is experiencing a steady revolution in science and technology.

India is an agricultural country and most of its people live in villages. There are more than five lakh villages in India. Seventy Percent of India's population lives in villages. But when India became independent inthe tide was turned against it.

Essay On The Future of English In India

Since then, the position of English in India has became somewhat uncertain. A radical change has taken place in the statutes and prestige of this language.

Article on India of My Dream.

India of My Dreams Essay

We can very well imagine the Future of India by observing the inherent tendencies, and correctly reading into the psychology of today’s children.

The children of today would be fathers of tomorrow, who are being nurtured into the wombs of formal and informal agencies of education.

Essay on the future of india
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