An analysis of the film butterfly effect

And from then on it snowballed, half of the titles on this list getting further inspiration from Sliding Doors to Run Lola Run. There is suspense portrayed through the screechy, faded sounds in the distant with notes that clash slightly to create an irritant effect on the ear.

The Butterfly Effect carries a depressing color scheme for most of the movie to share with the audience how Evan is feeling about what is happening with his blackouts. Then a freak accident takes place and our lonely Pamela finds herself trapped in the alternate reality she was just wishing for: As a test, he asks where Kayleigh is, to which Lenny responds "Who's Kayleigh.

Don't cast The Butterfly Effect to the winds of time

Lorenz was fascinated by the weather and determining its predictability. We then witness her both catching the train and missing it, and from then on we see her life unravel both ways, in parallel.

I went down the hall for a cup of coffee and returned after about an hour, during which time the computer had simulated about two months of weather. The movie did not make sense for the first half hour because there were not enough pieces for the viewers to piece together and gather a collective idea about what was happening and why Evan was blacking out.

The overall character and plot development, the director providing multiple scenarios to not leave any room for interpretation, and the excellent screen production all conveyed the story of how The Butterfly Effect was supposed to be seen, as a complex and intriguing film. The film kept viewers on their toes and took them through an emotional roller coaster, which is what everyone wants from a movie once the credits begin to roll.

Almost everything I read about The Butterfly Effect at the time it came out five years ago was coloured by an overwhelming ironic and journalistic sense that Ashton Kutcher could not possibly have made a good film.

His time traveling episodes account for the frequent blackouts he experienced as a child, since those are the moments that his adult self occupied his consciousness, such as the moment his father strangled him when he realized that Evan shared his time-traveling affliction.

The whole editing goes slightly out of focus before the blue and black colours and shapes start coming back into focus as the title slowly appears with slow, dreamy music plays in the background to add to the mystery behind what is going on and what will happen next.

Evan travels back one final time to the day he first met Kayleigh as a child. Our heroine is unaware of the fact that both her career and love life are dependent on this single situation. Any event that looks as if it might provide a slim ray of hope for Evan to make things right is quickly dashed by a sudden escalation of the plot, maintaining the viewer's interest the whole way through.

Run Lola Run Tom Tykwer, This German cult classic made waves when it was released and it still stands today as one of the most interesting cinematographic experiences. It is challenging to travel back and forth in time while the viewers are not allowed to know the full story behind a scene, but this film exceeded what is normally done.

Indeed, there is hardly a happy moment in the entire film, although that may be untrue depending on which ending you watch more on that later.

All he remembers from these various occasions are bizarre blackouts.

The Butterfly Effect Movie Review Summary

The dark black background gives a mysterious and thrilling appeal to the clip, as well as the dark blue colour giving off a cold, x-ray type mood.

Eventually, he realizes that, even though his intentions to fix the past are good, his actions have unforeseen consequences, in which either he or at least one of his friends does not benefit.

Analysis of The Butterfly Effect

He goes back in time and strangles himself in the womb, causing his mom to have another stillbirth. In this surprisingly good sci-fi adventure fromdirectors Eric Bress and J. If a film manages to be this inspirational and keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its minutes duration, all I can do is humbly bow down in front of its makers' talents.

Back to cinema, the movie The Butterfly Effect is largely responsible for transforming this scientific term into a pop culture catch phrase. However, in this sci-fi epic it appears as though anything is possible.

One day, while re-running a sequence of his data through a very slow computer, he decided to round the numbers so that it halves the processing time. In one scenario, the lighting is bright and the sun is out, and Kayleigh is in a sorority with Evan as her boyfriend.

It's my feeling that slowly but surely, it will float up to B-picture classic status. Oddly, the film possesses four different final scenes, and so the lasting message of the movie may differ depending on the copy viewed.

For example, his personal time-line leads to alternative futures in which he finds himself, variously, as a college student in a fraternityan inmate imprisoned for murdering Tommy, and a double amputee.

10 Movies Based On The Butterfly Effect Theory

Lenny begins to spasm and Evan has a blackout, and then the movie jumps to an entirely different scene. There is one film which I have really enjoyed in the last five years, but which fell victim to snobbery, and so many critical noses were turned up at it — even mine, to some extent — that it never got the credit it deserved.

How lighting is portrayed in a film can completely change the mood of the scene and how an audience reacts to it. It has the power to make or break a movie.

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This is evident through the amount of things that get done in the first minute of the film — the boy gets x-rayed and advised to write down things that happen in his life like a journal to improve his memory. Instead of a sudden break, I found that the new values at first repeated the old ones, but soon afterward differed by one and then several units in the last decimal place, and then began to differ in the next to the last place and then in the place before that.

Items that may come off as just extra or background props can actually play an important role in movies. Kayleigh lives in a dimly lit, messy apartment and is at a low point in life.

The audience could get more away from the movie is they paid attention to the visuals and grew a emotional connection with the film. This article does provide more of a plot summary than a review, but it still provides slight analysis regarding the scenarios.

As soon as the necessary titles have been shown on top of this scene behind the blinds, the music breaks out into a louder, sudden noise while this main character breaks open the door in a rush and starts jumbling things around in a room which looks like it is in a hospital or public area — all because of his clothing which looks like a hospital gown, and the fact there is a public water machine with sofas and paperwork around.

It is important for directors to know when and where to change the lighting to show the difference in moods among each scene. Questions and answers for The Butterfly Effect ().

Ask anything you want to know, or answer other people's questions. The Butterfly Effect Movie Analysis Costumes and Props Past In the beginning of the film, one can notice the attire that seems to be an 80's look. Jan 22,  · Watch video · The Butterfly Effect.

I think Ashton Kutcher did a good job on this film, along with Andrea Treborn. I recall that Kutcher has never made a film like this, and his first thriller was somewhat peculiar/10(K). Butterfly Effect Movie Review Essay Words | 4 Pages Movie Review of The Butterfly Effect It’s not everyday that one may watch a film that can be categorized in all.

The Butterfly Effect- Spoiler Analysis The Butterfly Effect, where to begin? If a thriller focuses on mytery and suspense then this is one of the best I have seen.

Jan 23,  · "The Butterfly Effect" applies this theory to the lives of four children whose early lives are marred by tragedy. When one of them finds that he can go back in time and make changes, he tries to improve the present by altering the past/5.

An analysis of the film butterfly effect
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